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Useful features:

1. Save your choices:
Your speed, text, volume and background-noise choices are added to the web page address when you press 'Play'.

This means you can bookmark the page to easily save the same settings for next time, perhaps for your club's weekly group Morse training excercises.

Or, share your page and settings with a friend - just email, SMS or WhatsApp the url to them.

2. Volume controls for Morse & background:
You can individually adjust/mix the loudness of the Morse and the loudness of the background noise to make the signal to noise ratio anywhere from very easy to totally impossible!

Look for the small volume symbol on the two audio players.

A Normal or Boosted volume selector is also available, to suit personal headphone use or public group sharing, perhaps in a noisy environment.

3. Pause the Morse or pause the background-noise:
Look for the small play/pause symbol on the two audio players to individually pause or resume them.

4. News, random callsigns & 5 character groups
These are refreshed with new texts each week, normally on Fridays, in the evening, but may be delayed until the weekend.

During the changeover period, you may find that the audible Morse and the printed text don't match - The printed text will normally renew before the audible morse.

This is only temporary while the caches refresh.

5. Farnsworth timing below 21 WPM
The timing at speeds below 21 wpm uses the Farnsworth method of sending characters at a higher speed, but with a greater delay between characters, as an aid to learning to recognise the overall 'shape' of a character rather than its individual elements.

I have used the ARRL's document on the subject, to compute the timing in this application:
See ARRL Document

73, de G4JBD

Graham G4JBD