Morse Code Abbreviations

Morse Code text is made more efficient with abbreviations.

Here are some of the most common ones.

The GB2RS Morse Code Player [ available here ] uses these abbreviations, and they are common in general Morse Code conversation, so the Morse Code Player is a great way to get familiar with them.

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about abt
administration admin
afternoon pm
again agn
American Radio Relay League ARRL
and es
antenna ant
Bad operator lid
be seeing you! bcnu
been bn
best wishes (most common) 73
best wishes + love & kisses 161 (73+88)
best wishes (in low power contacts) 72
bureau buro
Calling... CQ
callsign c/s
certificate cert
Change frequency QSY
close down QRT
condition condx
conditions condx
confirm QSL
contact QSO
Do you have more to say? QRU
end of contact SK ...-.-

end of message AR .-.-.

Error EEEEEEEE ........ 8 dits

Europe eu
examination exam
fading QSB
first 1st
forecast fcst
forward fwd
frequency freq
frequencies freqs
from fm
girl/girlfriend/young lady yl
good fb
going gng
high power QRO
information info
interference QRM
interference (deliberate) DQRM
happy hpi
have hv
Laugh or :-) HI
Location QTH
Logbook of the World LOTW
Long distance DX
Love & Kisses 88
low power <10W QRP
low power <1W QRPP
man/gentleman om
many mni
manager mgr
mobile /m
morning am
Over to anyone K
Over to you ONLY KN -.--.

please pse
portable /p
power pwr
Radio Society of Great Britain RSGB
read rd
ready QRV
receive rx
repeat agn
repeater rptr
Roger / yes r
serial number s/n
second 2nd
see you again CUAGN
Silent key (deceased operator) sk
slow down QRS
speed up QRQ
static/atmospheric noise QRN
station stn
take tk
thanks tnx
thank you tu
third 3rd
through thru
transmit tx
very vy
wait (alternative to QRX) AS .-...

wait (alternative to AS) QRX
weather wx
wife xyl
with wid
worked wkd
would wud
year yr
you u
you are ur
your ur
you're ur
yourself urslf
Monday Mon
Tuesday Tue
Wednesday Wed
Thursday Thu
Friday Fri
Saturday Sat
Sunday Sun
January Jan
February Feb
March Mar
April Apr
June Jun
July Jul
August Aug
September Sep
October Oct
November Nov
December Dec

73, de Graham, G4JBD